Why host a course onsite?

Employers often find that hosting their own private first aid course is a better option than having their staff attend public courses.  Although we do have individual employees, and small groups of employees who attend our public courses, the overwhelming majority choose to host courses on-site.

Firstly, there can be significant savings for course organizers.  This can include per person discounts, as well as saving on travel expenses and meal allowances.  Your accountants will also appreciate the fact that there is a single receipt.

Secondly, you and your crew will enjoy training flexibility as well.  You choose the dates, starting times, and locations.  The training can also be customized to your unique workplace hazards, environment, and work site.

Lastly, a private first aid training can be a great team-building activity.  Our on-site classes are lots of fun!  Enjoy hands-on training,  group activities, and take on challenges with your colleagues well getting the certification you need anyways!


If you are interested in discussing private training options, contact us at 613-898-8565 or via e-mail info@13FirstAid.com

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