3 Free Hacks for Employers!

All businesses covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) must follow the first aid requirements in Regulation 1101. You might already be familiar with this Regulation as it covers the requirements for first aid training and equipment. Throughout the many inspections we have conducted, there are some common requirements that are frequently overlooked.

Here are 3 quick, easy AND free things you can implement in your business today:

1. By law, the WSIB’s “In Case of Injury” poster (Form 82) must be prominently displayed in every workplace covered by the WSIA. This is best to display at the First Aid Kit Locations. You can download and print this poster here.

2. First aid stations must be easy to find and near an employee who has a valid first aid certificate. We’ve seen some great kits tucked away in unmarked cupboards! Does your workplace first aid kit need to be moved somewhere more visible?

3. Medications and ointments are not allowed in workplace first aid kits. Aspirin? Tylenol? Benadryl?  Epi-pens? Not allowed – gett’m outta there!


If you have questions about your responsibilities as an employer, or if you would like to arrange for an audit of your first aid kits or schedule first aid training in your workplace, please contact us at info@13firstaid.com.

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