Do you know what to do in an emergency involving your pet?

A client’s pet?

A stranger’s dog at the dog park?

It’s time to ensure your pet’s safety by attending a Pet First Aid Course. We understand how difficult it can be in the moments after a pet emergency, when you are scrambling to figure out what to do. That’s why we provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your furry family safe, no matter what comes their way.

Our one-day Pet First Aid Course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent, prepare, and respond to pet emergencies. We show you how to:


Our course is taught in person, with live animals in each class, and is highly interactive. You’ll get the chance to practice your skills on your own dog (if they attend), or our demo-dog Lady.

Don’t wait until you need to know what to do when a pet emergency happens. Sign up for our Pet First Aid Course and gain the knowledge you need to keep your pet safe.


Hands on training for real life

We all want the best for our fur babies. This includes having treats on hand at all times, and being ready for emergencies. Unlike first aid for people, first aid on pets can involve some unique challenges. Working with industry experts, we’ve developed courses for pet owners, and pet professionals.

Our training courses are the perfect combination of theory and hands on practice. With live animals in every class, you can experience what it is like to deal with a squirmy animal when trying to evaluate their condition, and treat injuries.

Making the RIGHT choice in the critical moments after such a horrible event can be the difference between life and death. In our courses we discuss and apply the proper treatment for an array of emergencies that pet owners may not have thought about.

● Your cat choking on a toy.
● A dog’s paw cut on a piece of glass on a walk.
● Your fur-baby having its first ever seizure.
● We prepare pet lovers to deal with the unthinkable.
● There is no 911 for dogs and cats. In an emergency, your pet relies on your instincts to get them out of trouble.

Are you prepared?


Yes! We encourage our attendees to bring their well behaved, social, friendly dogs to class. This helps us figure out how our own dog will react to treatment, and get used to a variety of dog shapes and sizes.

Nope! At the very least, the instructor of each course will bring a dog for required hands-on practice. About half of attendees choose to bring their dog, so there usually are a few dogs to practice with in each class.

Some dogs do not like busy environments, being around strange dogs, or sitting quietly during our theory topics. We appreciate owners who know and respect their pets preferences.

Attendees who complete the theoretical and hands-on components of the course will receive certification from Pawramedics, valid for 3 years.

To note, Pet First Aid isn’t accredited the same way as human first aid. Pawramedics is a first aid program developed with pet professionals to deliver critical information accurately, and to meet the needs of owners and people who work with animals.

Although there isn’t a governing body who manages accreditation, our full day course is recognized by many Pet Professional insurances companies as meeting their high standards for a First Aid Course. This allows most attendees who are groomers, boarders, or dog walkers to qualify for discounts on their pet insurance (although it is recommended to confirm with your insurance provider).

We offer two courses, both covering dog and cat illness prevention, and emergency treatments.

Our full day course is the most popular among pet owners, and the course required by most dog care professionals including dog walkers, boarders and groomers.

Our half day course (when available) is great for attendees who don’t have a full day’s availability, but still are interested in being prepared for animal emergencies.

With the exception of private cat-only courses, cats are not permitted in class.

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